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Ballerina Bucks!

Ballerina Bucks!

  • What are ballerina bucks?
    Ballerina bucks are points you recieve when you stay active in this community.
  • How can I earn ballerina bucks? Every image you post an image, you recieve 5 BB. Everytime you post a video, you receive 15 BB. If you make any graphics (icons, LJ layouts, banners etc) you recieve 20 BB. If you refer a member - you earn 50 BB.
  • How can I use my ballerina bucks?
    Members may choose to sell graphics for Ballerina Bucks. Making a transaction between two members must be said on the board of the graphic being sold.
  • How do I know how many ballerina bucks I have?
    I will keep track of everyone's BB. Every other day I will post an entry telling you how many BB you have.

    If you have any additional questions - please comment and ask them.
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